Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blog writers wanted

I actually think it may be a good idea to get this blog more active, by which I mean have more posts. This because there isn't that much out there about Freebooter to begin with (and blog followers rather like one blog that stays updated than several ones that are only active once every 3 months), but especially not in English (it's all in German  ;-) ). This while some (great) blogs about the game in English might do the game well. Spread the word so to say.  ;-)

It may also be the perfect place to publish some reviews (which in English are about as none-excistent or rather about 'unboxing a starter set'). And get different opinions (as people have their own different crew, different opponents, and so different experiences).

I may also stimulate us to keep going ourselves (keep each other motivated painting models and building terrain  :-) ).

So I was actually thinking about the idea "what if I looked for some other people who want to write for the blog?"

Though I would already be glad with one person who would want to join the project, just in case a lot of people would want to join (and also to give every one a fair chance of spotting this post) I would want to ask you if you would want to write in short why you would join the project and then I let you guys know in two weeks time who has made it.  ;-) Well if some one replies at least.  :-D

Reasons why you could be a great addition (any one will do):
- good/great painter and paint on a regular base
- you build terrain on a regular base
- play a lot of games and so can write up some battle reports
- play a lot of games and so can write some reviews on the game in general and/or a crew in specific
- ... (you have a great reason I didn't think about)


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