Monday, 1 April 2013

Jungle Table and a new Leader

So this week I've finally started on my Pirate gaming table. It will actualy be an Amazone Jungle table. This for two reasons:

1) my second Freebooter's Fate Crew will probably be Amazones :-p

2) though FF is a pirate game, it is actually played on land (for most part). You know the place where Pirates burry their treasures. ;-) And we all know those are always tropical Islands. :-D

Anyway, I'll try to post a pic of my first (and small) Maya-style Pyramide as soon as possible.


Next to this, I have also bought my second Pirate Leader. I bought the second male Pirate Leader "Barco Malcaduco".

Why didn't I buy one of the two female Pirate Leaders? Well mainly because my current Pirate leader, Captain Rosso, is worth 105p while Barco is worth 95p. A 10p difference, which is more or less also the point difference between most specialists. So when I want to take a more expensive specialist, I just take my slightly cheaper Leader and vica versa.

An other reason is, I also bought the "equipment card deck" which allows you to invest some points in some small upgrades for your crew. A cheaper Leader means more room for upgrades. :-p

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